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Build your mobile app without learning to code.

Learn to build a prototype for your mobile app in days, not months! Build mobile apps without writing a single line of code.

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Learn the skills to develop no-code mobile apps and create a business developing mobile apps for clients.

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Bring Ideas to Life

Learn the basics of no-code development: computational "flow", data, design, and development.

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Invest in your future. FlowCode (no-code) is the future of software development.

You no longer need to learn to code to develop powerful software solutions. The emergence of no-code software development tools have lowered the barrier to creating websites, mobile apps, and SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) products.

At FlowCode, we teach computational "flow" while giving you a solid foundation to understand how software works and ultimately build your own mobile and desktops apps at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional tools.

learning Modules

What Will You Learn?

We'll begin with creating a solid foundation in fundamentals and progress into app design and development using no-code tools.
Computational Flow

Learn the foundational concepts that software development is built upon.

Data, Data, Data.

Data are like the ingredients in a recipe. We'll learn how to collect, organize, and display it in our app.

Visualizing Your App

Design is another core attribute in app development. We'll learn to use tools to give our ideas form.

Building Our Project App

Finally, we'll dive into a tool for building our app using everything we've learned.

Your Instructor

About Maurice Womack

Maurice Womack (Mr. Mo) is a mechanical engineer with over 16 years of technical experience.  After designing and developing advanced energetic systems and security technology for many agencies within the U.S. Department of Defense, Maurice began his entrepreneurial career. He currently owns a STEM learning company focused on empowering underserved communities to imagine and create technologies for the future.
Maurice has had a passion for engineering and technology since he was a child in Youngstown, OH. He was exposed, at a young age, to great science fiction series such as Star Trek® and Star Wars® and they inspired him to dream of creating the future. Maurice is committed to giving everyone access to the education, tools, and support to become creators of technology.
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Invest In Your Future. Learn to Bring Your App Vision To Life.

Learn to build apps for yourself or learn to build apps for others and make money doing it! The future of software development is no-code. Get a head start on building the software of the future by enrolling in FlowCode today.

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